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Drunk in the Land of Eternal Spring

We arrived in Medellín with no expectations. We were so happy in Salento we sort of forgot to research Medellín. We heard the place to stay was in the Pablado district. It had everything tourists would need. Well yes and no. We get dropped off at a busy street and enter our hostel “Tiger”. The place was decent and they had a common room with a bar so everyone could hangout. They were decorating because it was King’s Day in The Netherlands and a lot of the hostel volunteers were Dutch so they wanted to share their customs with everyone.

We left the hostel to walk around and find some place to eat. The Pablado district was filled with restaurants but like touristy over priced ones to we searched and searched until we went to a place right across from our hostel called Crepes and Waffles. This place is famous all over Colombia for being a restaurant that hires only single mothers . Kaylyn got a bread bowl filled with ravioli in Alfredo sauce and I get a Thai style crepe. Wow this place is great. If you only get one thing out of reading this it’s Go To Crepes And Waffles.

What a strange place Medellín was. Or should I say Pablado district. It was hard to find groceries because it was all expensive shops and restaurants and when we did find one it was a fancy expensive store. We still bought Ron there. By the way they sell rum not only in bottles but cardboard boxes too. We drank so much every night we sort of forgot what to even do there. We ran into Dilara from Bogotá and Riley from Salento so we partied even more. We went to a football game, we went clubbing, then we clubbed even more. Finally after days of drinking lots of rum we decided to get out for a couple of days then try again in another area. We went to one of the largest free standing rocks in the world located in Guatapé.

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