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First Stop ,Bogotá

We arrived at night. After some help from the locals we were able to figure out the buses and get to The Candelaria District. This is old town. Crumbling colonial buildings and cracked cobblestone. The streets are packed with  artists and musicians. People gather at the fountain at night. We watch a circus performance whilst drinking Cuba libres. This was the kinda place you needed to be aware. The heat made you sweat, the afternoon rains made you freeze. You were constantly turning corners looking for that delicious smelling street food. The colors of the graffiti blinded you. You patted yourself to make sure nobody pick pocketed you. Your head would swirl at the fifth shot of aguardiente. This place was alive and electric and for that I felt alive. I knew I was going to be in Colombia for awhile.

There were walking tours and over five hundred museums. There were flea markets and nightclubs. I enjoyed simple breakfasts at the bakeries and cooked with Kaylyn in the hostel at night. I recommend La Puerta Falsa. Tamales, hot chocolate with cheese was life giving. on Sunday’s they would shut down major streets and open them to bicycles. These days the streets were filled with people walking around or selling things. Blankets strewn on the sidewalk with what seemed like anything these people could find lying around their house. Everything you could think of was lying on those blankets. Old dolls, dead batteries , old Nokia phones. I once saw a Nintendo 64 for sale and I nearly had a heart attack. I had nowhere to store it so there was no point. We enjoyed our days exploring different parts of the city and wandering museums that we stayed for 12 days. Most people only stay three days because the vast city intimidates people. Kaylyn and I enjoyed getting lost and stopping for street food every ten minutes so we just kept doing it. But more time started to pass and we knew it was time to go. Our plan was to hit the major cities then end our time together on the coast.

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