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Vamos a Colombia!

After two weeks of family time in Panama. It was time to say goodbye to Kaylyn’s mother. From backpacking to living in luxury to backpacking again. What a change. I will admit, it was nice going on tours and staying at nice hotels for a change. There was this Easter Brunch at The Marriot. They had everything. What the hell is a pasta bar you might ask? Well they had it. We didn’t have much time before we embarked to Colombia so we chose one place neither of us have been which was Valle De Antón. El Valle was a sleepy town which sat at the bottom of a valley. What was there to do in El Valle? Mainly it was hiking out of the valley, but the views were beautiful. Also, Kaylyn and I went to some hot springs and got clay masks. One of the best times there we had was walking around and looking at the beautiful houses nuzzled in between the pine and mango trees. A hostel I recommend there would be Bodhi Hostel. Really great place. They got a relaxed hippy vibe, nice chill out space, excellent kitchen, and they got a Netflix room. People were not too happy when Kaylyn and I got to the Netflix first and watched Anime all night.
After a few days we left to Panama City straight to our flight. The buses to Panama City took way more than expected and being the geniuses we are we decided to take a city bus to the airport. After going nowhere fast we had to ditch the bus and take a cab. We arrived 30 minutes before the flight began. They almost didn’t want to take our bags. So after pleading and begging they decided to take them. Surprisingly, we flew through security found our seats and waited….and waited. After waiting some 20 odd minutes, we found out we weren’t even the last passengers. Sometimes I forget where I am. It’s Panama . It’s ok to take your time and in Colombia it’ll be the same. New food, currency, culture, and landscape. Everything was going to be new for the both of us and I was so excited to see what was in store for us.

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