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Down Highway Panamericana

It was time to leave. I don’t remember how long I stayed there but the 31st was here and Kaylyn was coming to visit with her mom in Panama City. Felix was catching a flight in Panama City and he had a rental car so I decided to ride with him. We all said our goodbyes, exchanged our whatsapps’ and we shuttled into that clown car of a rental and headed out.
I wish you could have seen Felix driving this car. This 6 foot something 200 pound German driving something resembling a fiat. We raced down the Panamerican highway going about 100 km/hr. Something was strange though. The speed limit changed constantly and we kept seeing police dotted over the highways. More so in the United States . By the time we started noticing the trend we get stopped. The officer pulls up to the window and asks Felix to button his shirt. We had been living the Lajas lifestyle for awhile so shirt and shoes were foreign to us. We get out and show our passports and he starts writing Felix a ticket for 70$. The officer explained we would have to pay it in Panama City. I explained to the officer Felix has to get to the airport as soon as he gets to Panama City. The officer looks concerned and pulls me aside. We start writing numbers down on a piece of paper and we come to an agreement. I pay him 40$ and we get on our way. Later we find out since it was the festival of Semana Santa a lot of people celebrate this by marching down the road imitating Jesus’ walk to his crucifixion. The officers make sure people don’t speed to protect these people. Felix drops me at the hotel they are in and we say our goodbyes. He said he’ll pay me back but I think we both knew he wouldn’t. I’m not stingy but be careful lending money to people when traveling. Transferring money between people of different countries with different banks makes things complicated to near impossible. If you work hard and save money to go backpacking you have to think how much it’s going to last you. I have met people who been traveling for years with nothing but a couple thousand Euros and others who could only travel a year with 20,000 Euros. In the end it’s all about what you want to do and spend money on. For example I love climbing. I will pay money to go on climbing tours but I’ll skip snorkeling and scuba diving. Anyway, I show up at the wrong hotel. I’m walking around this fancy hotel looking like a beach bum, sand still in my hair and hungover too. They were nice enough to lend me some wifi so I could find out where it was. Nice! Only a block away. I walk into the lobby I’m covered in sweat, hair a mess and there she is. As beautiful as the day I met her. I place my bag down and walk towards her. We held each other for what seemed like an eternity. I was going to travel with the love of my life. imageimage

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