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¿Donde Mis Cosas?


I would like to take this moment to express my condolences for all the pieces of clothing and other items lost during my trip

The current list of the fallen:

Black Joggers (amazing for any occasion)

Turquoise elephant tank top (purchased in Thailand)

Swiss Army lock (loved telling people my code was 666)

Bag of groceries ( I hope somebody made use of you)

Kitchen knife( was confiscated whilst opening a mango on the beach)

Gap cotton sweater(helped me through my times in Bogotá)

Phone charger (probably one of the biggest losses)

Laundry bag(decided to not latch it on properly during a bus ride)

Memory foam neck pillow ( was puked on by my bunk mate)

Toothpaste ( totally not weird when you ask other people to borrow toothpaste)


As the bag gets lighter the heart grows heavy……..just kidding at the end of the day stuff is only stuff and is replaceable but try not to take anything you particularly do not want to lose. Except your passport. You sort of need that. And sometimes at hostels you will want to extend your stay. Sometimes they will have you change rooms or beds. This is usually when shit gets lost.image


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