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Bocas Del Toro

imageimageimageBocas Del Toro, one of the only things that pop up when researching Panama. White sand, Caribbean emerald water and lots of partying. So what did I do ? Checked into a party hostel. Not my best decision as party hostels favor the large grouped travelers and not solo travelers. The large groups get drunk then mingle with each other. With no activities to participate in other than drinking. It was hard to break into these packs and make friends. And if you know me, you probably already know how awkward I can be. I think the worst part is right when you start to make friends, they always are about to leave. But I was determined to have a good time in Bocas.

Eventually I was able to meet some friends. Strangely they were also from Nevada. Reno in fact! And we Reno’d all over the place. We drank heavily, we sang loudly, and danced even worse. The hangover was just how I remembered from my days at UNR. Then I met girls from Germany and we took a bus to Playa Estrella to dance to the reggae waist deep in the tranquil water. We drank freshly made Piña Coladas and waved at the Dolphins that swam by. This was the Bocas I was dreaming of. Well except for when some guy vomited from the top bunk below onto me and my backpack. I’m not petty, but if you vomit on my backpack , I’m taking your sandals. They were Havanas they were my size and they felt amazing. So it has been a week in Bocas and it was four days too long in my opinion. I started to think what was my next destination. Where am I going next? Then I remembered a conversation with Sol the daughter of the Soursop family. Her favorite place in all of Panama was Las Lajas. A beach on the Pacific side of Panama. I figured I would roll the dice and take the advice of an 8 year old. Little did I know this place would have the strongest impact than any other place in Panama and perhaps my whole trip.image

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