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The Final Days Of Soursop

Days were falling off the calendar faster and faster and the routine of things started to kick in. The only volunteers left were Hayden, and I so the projects really started to get interesting. Not only was carrying large rocks and raking large square meters of land apart of the daily routine. So was cutting down and carrying bamboo almost a kilometer on our backs. The bamboo was cut and fit into holes for the new hangout area and pizza oven. The bottle wall was built, and trash pile was getting smaller and smaller with each fire. We spent our nights talking of mushrooms, playing guitar, and playing chess.

On our off days Hayden and I went exploring around the area. Sortova was small but only short bus rides from other places of interest. We hiked down a spiraling road which landed us on a wide river. We hopped from rock to rock down further into a canyon where the water gushed from the stones creating this Moses effect. The water was blue and sweet to drink . On other days we hitchhiked to Cerro Punta to a beautiful farm town where large vegetables bloomed on the hillsides. We paid 5 dollars to explore the national park that encompassed not only Panama but Costa Rica as well. We hiked and discovered waterfalls, strange plants , and marveled at the large trees. The types of green were indescribable and the way the leaves reflected the light made you think you were in a dream. To our surprise we were the only ones in the whole park. Well except for the mosquitos, they always tagged along.

Adventure was calling so it was time to move on. I was to travel to Bocas Del Toro. I said my goodbyes and walked down that dirt road for the last time. Being able to become apart of such a wonderful project was inspiring. When you put yourself away from things and start to work and create with your hands. You also want to work on yourself. The time I had for reflection, reading, and writing was invaluable and I never felt so relaxed. I will always be grateful for the Soursop family for taking me in and perhaps one day I will walk down that dirt road called Macadamia again.


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