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The House on Macadamia Street

Volunteering at hostels was my main plan for traveling. It was my dream to bartend at some beach hostel for beautiful people and party all night every night. Most places did not even write me back when I applied. And as I mentioned before the bar I wanted to work at in Bocas Del Toro the manager was more interested in hooking up with me rather than giving me a job. Let’s just say he tried to pull a “Cosby”. So anyways I’m about to leave Boquete with no real plans then a message appears.
This Eco-Hostel in a place called Sortova said they would love to have me. First I would stay for three days and get a feel for it and if we feel that it was not a good fit then I would leave. Sounds fair. This place is located in between the towns of Concepcion and Bugaba. Places I have not heard of when doing research on Panama. Panama is really cool that way. Since the tourism craze in Central America has mostly been limited to Mexico and Costa Rica, there are a lot of hidden gems in Panama. Sortova was one of them.
I took numerous buses to a road called Macadamia which was nothing but dirt and did not seem like a backpacker hub at all. I hiked 20 minutes through a row of farms and ranches which finally ended with a sign saying Soursop Hostel. This must be it I said to myself. I walk in and meet Nico and Steph the owners of the Soursop Hostel. They are from the United States and were super friendly. We talked for a bit and. Invited me on the their sunset hike which turned about to be the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. Seeing the sun disappear behind the hills in the distance that belonged to Costa Rica was so amazing. We picked limes off the trees and sucked on tart citrus as the world seemed to be catching on fire. I had no idea what I was getting myself into by agreeing to stay at a place for three and half weeks but it turned out to be one the most enriching experiences my trip has given me. I immediately agreed to stay here and I was start in two days. For now I would sit in my hammock with my lime water and watch rain beat on the zinc roofs and lull me asleep.

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