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That’s Classic

That’s Classic
Me trying to make small talk with a cab driver:
Me: Te gusta reggaeton?
Cab driver: Sí
*Awkward silence for 20 minutes*

Practicing Spanish with a fellow workawayer:
Friend goes on for 2 minutes in Spanish and the only word I recognize is presidente. So I precede to go on in spanish ( bad spanish) about how the nation feels about Trump and what may have led to his coming into office.
*Brief moment of silence*
Fellow workawayer: I asked if you thought 9/11 was an inside job.

America needs more hammocks.
Panamanian tortillas are the like corn hash browns from heaven.
I am so grateful to be from a place without mosquitos.
Guanabana may be the most important fruit ever.
The dirtiest thing in a hostel is the pack of unshuffable Uno cards that are older than the hostel itself.
Party hostels are great but not all the time. It’s just better to be at a chill hostel to make friends then party at the party hostels.
Tuck your stuff under the bed completely at sketchy hostels…because somebody might vomit all over them. (This happens :/)
Translation doesn’t always mean the same thing. Hard to describe but you’ll find out when you try and be funny to someone who barely speaks your language.
Trying to stop referring yourself as American is hard. Technically true, but to others it claims ownership of the word and its offensive to people since there are more parts to America than the United States.


Tips and Tricks
Always negotiate the price of a ride anywhere (especially in taxis).
Find hostels with pancake breakfast.
Find hostels with community kitchen because buying groceries will save tons of money.
Cheap breakfast idea: blended oatmeal, fruit, and milk/water
Volunteer at places that feed you.
Always platains. They are cheap, filling, and nutritious.
A little Of the local language goes a long way.image

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