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My time in Boquete

imageimageI was riding on the high that was Panama City. I had made friends with ease and was ready to make friends in Boquete as well. Being a solo traveler, a big concern is being lonely. Not that I am unable to be alone . I wouldn’t be traveling alone if that was the case. But making connections all over the world is a big reason why I like to travel. Being from the United States , I can say I am very ignorant to the lives of people from different countries. They may not be long lasting but opening yourself to the cultures of others creates growth within the self. Plus I love getting travel ideas from other travelers.
I show up to the hostel that was recommended by a friend I made in Panama City. The place was called La Jungla and staying there was the best thing about Boquete to be honest. Not that I didn’t like Boquete, the tours were expensive and Mt. Baru almost killed me. I’ll post something separately about that. First, the hostel is just a giant house with Netflix and no bunk beds! No bunk beds ! Wether top or bottom, bunk beds suck and the house was dry and cozy. People who stayed there were awesome and the time I stayed there I made two groups of friends that were fun to hangout with. The first round was when I just showed up and everyone was doing the Volcanoe so I decided to jump in. They left shortly after and I met a different group of travelers and they were fun to hangout with. We went walking around town together, grocery shopping together, went to the hot springs together, and played cards against humanity too.
I found an opportunity to work at a hostel in Bocas which has been a fantasy of mine . The hostel owner had a hostel not only in Bocas but in Boquete and he wanted to meet. Later I found out he more interested in hooking up than hiring me as a volunteer.I went back to la Jungla and spend the next few nights there. Finally, it was time to move on. A family has taken me in as a volunteer. Boquete was such a great place. It feels like you’re home and I really miss the people I met there and I wish I could have traveled for a longer time with them.

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