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Getting to Panama: A New Chapter Begins

imageOnward travel was a new concept for me . Traveling Southeast Asia, all you needed was a passport and your liver. Apparently other countries don’t want you just staying for an indefinite amount of time. I did research and saw many people say that Panama didn’t ask for it. Made sense, Panama and the U.S are buddies. They let us hide our money in their banks right? I’m at the airport in line . I wait half an hour to get to the front of the line and they said they needed onward travel and proof of income. So I said I didn’t have either because as I’m checking my wallet I realize I left my credit cards in the printer. I had the great idea the night before of photo copying my info to leave for my family and made the genius decision not to put those things back in my wallet. So I’m scrambling to buy an onward ticket with my phone after frantically calling my mom to come back and bring my credit cards. I’m so good at adulting. My mom arrives with the cards, I swipe them and run to the front of the line. People were not happy about that. Get through security and arrive at my gate just as it is boarding. I made it, I’m off to Panama. Well, after the two connections and layover. Then, I’m off to Panama.

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